PQ+ Services


Innovation and business creation leadership

Experienced PQ+ partners help your company to manage the innovation, portfolio and risk in order to maximize the business growth and realize the growth potential.  The partners of PQ+ are experienced in project management in highly technical and complex environment.  They help you not only in setting up and structure your Business Creation Processes but also in implementing robust frameworks for effective communication and escalation of risks.

Our partners are at their best in highly complex and technology driven environments.  Our capability is in innovating within the constraints to accelerate your results and creating new business models.

Business Transformation

Our partners are experienced leaders who have taken the businesses through tough self-re-inventions to transform its business results and business identity.  Years of continuous success instills complacency in the businesses and stagnation in the growth which need to be shaken up to re-ignite the growth and customer confidence.  The PQ+ partners are experts in the End.

Profitability Improvement

The End-to-End business excellence and leadership expertise of the PQ+ partners will assist you to improve your cost positions, critical decision making in aspects that improve your margin management as well as profitability improvement. Our partners are experienced in analyzing the cost and value contributors, industry standards, elements that are differentiating you from rest of the competition and thus formulating tailor made Business Excellence programs and implementing them for shortest time to profitability realization. With the use of the AVIX tool we analyze and optimize your design and production processes.

Portfolio re-positioning

Our partners are experienced business leaders.  We help your business in effectively repositioning the product, service and customer portfolios as well as value-based pricing to maximize your market share and profitability.  We are experienced in assessing the value chain, contribution of your business in the value chain from the customer’s and end user’s point of view and maximizing the value extraction through effective pricing strategies and commercial policies.

End-to-End value chain analysis, transformation planning and realization of the results.

Global Deployment Challenges

Our partners are experienced in running corporate transformation programs. Implementing changes as part of the transformation requires stamina and patience. We help organizations to make desired changes to all parts of the organization. Once changes have been implemented we can help you to secure lasting improvements and avoid falling back in old habits.

Scaling and Expansion Challenges

Our partners are experienced in expansion and scaling of the businesses across the world.  As experienced global business executives, the partners are well-versed with the technical, geo-political, social and cultural aspects of execution and the factors that determine success of your business strategy.

Business Leadership Advice

Our partners have hands-on experience as business leaders. From their experience they are well positioned to have a useful dialogue and coach business leaders while implementing critical business excellence programs. Business transformations are rare occasions and is not business as usual. It can be very helpful for business leaders to have a sparring partner in preparation and during the transformation processes. Having a sparring partner that has lived through company transformations and has had the opportunity to support several transformations is well positioned to coach you.

Change Implementation

As experienced managers, our partners have turned around several businesses across Europe. The partners are experts in creating and implementing lasting changes through behavior changes and installing necessary KPIs needed to sustain the desired behaviors and ways of working.

Interim Management

As interim managers, our partners are able to maintain an objective view on your business and its progress, lead and implement what is needed to achieve your goals. Not only do we help you transform your business, we can also fill critical positions to realize a lasting change with interim managers.